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End Caps and PlanogramsPLANOGRAMS

Chateau Morrisette's wine bottle labels are designed to achieve maximum visual impact on store shelves.  Each label is designed to feature either our recognizable Black Lab, Hans, or one of our Orchard Series fruit watercolors.  When placed properly on the store shelf, the labels create a poster board effect and draw the customer's eye away from the clutter of competing labels.

It is very important that our wine bottles be placed properly on the shelf to insure maximum sales of Chateau Morrisette wines.  Below are three planograms describing proper placement based on the number of Chateau Morrisette wines featured at the store.  Download them and use them when setting up the display.  We appreciate it and you will appreciate the increased sales too!

3-Shelf Planogram - Click to download PDF

2-Shelf Planogram - Click to download PDF

1-Shelf Planogram - Click to download PDF

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