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Chateau Morrisette Ciderworks

Cherry Ginger Cider- Canned 2020.
Using cider apples from Nelson County, The apple cider was fermented in stainless steel tanks and blended with cherry wine. Then, we added ginger juice to get the flavor of ginger without the heat. The flavors are full of apple and cherry fruitiness with a touch of ginger on the nose and palate. Servingrecommendations- 50-55°F.

Barrel Aged Cider-Canned 2020.
Using cider apples from Nelson County. The blend comprising this cider was fermented and aged in a
combination of French and American oak barrels. A separate fermentation in stainless steel tanks and a
portion was blended back to increase apple character. Serving recommendations- 50-55°F.
This cider has a beautiful apple aroma and a hint of oak on the palate.

You can find our Cherry Ginger and Barrel Aged Cider on site or in Kroger, Food Lion, Wegmans, Food Cities, and Walmart throughout VA. If you have any questions about where our cider may be located near you, you may contact our wholesale manager, Cindy Cates, at






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