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Event Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When do advanced ticket sales end?
  2. Will you mail me my festival or event tickets?
  3. Do Children and Young Adults pay full price for event tickets?
  4. What should and shouldn't I bring to the Black Dog festivals?
  5. Where are the Black Dog Music Festivals held?
  6. I have special dietary requirements. Is there something for me to eat?

When do advanced ticket sales end?

For our Black Dog Music Festivals, we offer a lower price if you purchase your tickets more than 2 weeks prior to the event. After that time, ticket prices are changed to the Gate Price which is usually about $10 more per person.

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Will you mail me my festival or event tickets?

When you purchase a Black Dog Festival ticket, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to print your ticket at home.   Each ticket has a unique bar code which we scan. Once scanned, the ticket cannot be used again.  Be sure to print your ticket at home before arriving at the gate.  We do not have printing capabilities on site.

WHAT ABOUT WILL CALL?  For the Black Dog Festivals, we strongly discourage will call tickets as it slows down the entry process for everyone.  However, in those cases where no printer is available, we will offer will call tickets at the gate.  You will need to note on your ticket order that you need to pick them up at the gate and that we should have them available.  Because of the volume of tickets for each event, we also recommend that you call Customer Service to confirm your tickets at Will Call.  540-593-2865.  If at all possible, please print your tickets at home before arrival.

WHAT ABOUT OTHER EVENTS?  If you purchased another type of event, for example a wine and chocolate pairing or a winemaker's dinner seat, your name will be added to the reservation list and you will be checked in upon arrival.  If you do not see event tickets on the website for purchase, please call Customer Service at 540-593-2865 and they will be glad to assist you.

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Do Children and Young Adults pay full price for event tickets?

Children under 12 are admitted to our Black Dog Music Festivals for free with an adult purchasing a full admission ticket.  For young adults ages 13-20 and designated drivers attending the festivals, the fee is $5 less per ticket.  A designated driver/young adult ticket allows for unlimited tea, lemonade, or water as available throughout the day.

Other paid events at Chateau Morrisette are geared towards adults and may not be appropriate for children under 12.  We realize having your children with you is sometimes your best option.  The general rules are:

Puppy Love Valentine's Dinner - Children of all ages pay full fixed menu price.  Children's menu unavailable.

Wine and Chocolate Valentine's Day Pairing - Children occupying a seat pay full price.  If they do not occupy a seat, they must not be disruptive to others during the presentation.

Winemaker's Dinner - This event is all about the wine.  If you don't drink wine, this is probably not the event for you. Likewise, this event is not for those under 21.

Adventure Weekend - Some activities are not suitable for young children.  There are no discounts for children or young adults on any of the activities.

Dinner Theater - Not really appropriate for small children due to content.  Anyone participating in the dinner pays full price regardless of age.

Children are always welcome at any of our regular unpaid events and at any time in our winery and restaurant.  We believe in families' spending time together.

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What should and shouldn't I bring to the Black Dog festivals?

WHAT CAN I BRING?  Pack for a comfortable day outside.  This could include folding chairs or blankets, pop-up tents or umbrellas to protect you from sun or rain.  Wear clothing that is appropriate for the temperature and weather conditions.  Because Chateau Morrisette is located above 3000 feet elevation, the sun can get a little intense, so wear your sunscreen.

WHAT CAN'T I BRING?  No coolers, food, beverages, and especially outside alcohol.  We'll offer plenty of food and drink inside.  Because our ABC licence does not permit outside alcohol, we have local deputies inspect the items you are bringing in, including containers, bags, and purses.

CAN I BRING MY DOG?  Chateau Morrisette prides itself on being pet friendly.  If your dog is well behaved, well socialized, and trained to a leash, then it is welcome to join the festivities!  You will have to sign a waiver upon entry stating that you are solely responsible for your pet and Chateau Morrisette is held harmless from any incident that might occur between animals or animals and people. 

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Where are the Black Dog Music Festivals held?

The festivals take place in the Nancy P. Morrisette Festival Field located about 1/4 of a mile from the winery at 3641 Black Ridge Road.  Parking is available for free on site.  There is a shuttle that runs between the winery and the festival field about every 30 minutes beginning at 12:30.

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I have special dietary requirements. Is there something for me to eat?

In most cases, the answer is yes.  There are multiple food vendors at each festival offering a variety of menu options.  At the Chateau Morrisette food station, guests can find vegetarian options, a vegan option, and many of the offerings can be modified to accommodate a gluten free diet.

Please check in advance for any of our special dinners or prix fixe menus.  There is very little flexibility in menu selections, but we will try to accommodate when feasible.

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