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Keith Toler
August 2, 2016 | Press Releases | Keith Toler

Chateau Morrisette announces Harvest with the Dogs: A Hands-On Vineyard Experience

Château Morrisette Winery Announces

Harvest With the Dogs: A Hands-On Vineyard Experience

Floyd, VA, August 3, 2016 – Chateau Morrisette Winery will offer an immersive vineyard experience for the first time on September 24, 2016.  The program is designed to engage wine enthusiasts in the process of harvesting grapes and making wine, providing participants with both education and hands-on training during a half-day session.

Guests may choose to participate in either a morning of afternoon experience.  It begins with an informational briefing from the Vineyard Manager, Steve VanSutphin.  “I will cover viticultural topics including planting, pruning, trellising, canopy and soil management, to name a few,” VanSutphin said.  Participants will learn standard harvest techniques and will be provided with clippers and a grape lug to try their hand at the traditional harvest.

Once the harvest is complete, the grapes will be transported to the cellar crush pad for processing.  Participants will meet with the Winemaker, Brian Smyth and learn all about the crushing process.  The grapes will be pressed and turned into juice.  “While time will not allow us to actually begin the fermenting process, I will discuss how that process works once the juice is made,” said Smyth.  Each guest will take home a bottle of juice from the day’s harvest.

As with any harvest, this vineyard experience will take place rain or shine.  Guests should come prepared with proper shoes and clothing.  The cost of the program is $70 per person and includes presentations, equipment, lunch in the vineyard and souvenir items to take home.  The program is offered at 10:00 AM or at 1:00 PM.  Reservations are required and tickets may be purchased on the website at  Participation is limited to 34 guests during each session.

For tickets and additional information, click here Harvest With The Dogs: A Hands-On Vineyard Experience at Chateau Morrisette Winery

About Château Morrisette

Château Morrisette has retail distribution throughout Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina and Kentucky. The winery and restaurant is located at milepost 171.5 on the Blue Ridge Parkway in beautiful Floyd County, Virginia. For more information, visit, call (540) 593-2865, or follow us on Facebook. 


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