Sweet Mountain Laurel

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Price $9.99

Sweet White Wines


About This Wine

A unique and refreshingly sweet dessert style wine made from American native grape varieties. Firm acidity balances the sweetness, producing a crisp finish with aromas of freshly picked grapes.

Tasting Attributes

Aroma: Ripe fruit. Palate: Sweet, firm acidity. Finish: Crisp. Made from native American grape varieties.

Food and Wine Pairing

Pour over fresh berries and sponge cake or blend with vanilla ice cream and fruit for a creamy dessert smoothie.

Aging Statement

Best when consumed fresh, Sweet Mountain Laurel may age for one year but we do not recommend aging it much longer. Keep at uniform temperature - best between 45-55ยบ. Refrigerate after opening.  


Silver Medal:  2015 Florida State Fair International Wine Competition

Silver Medal: 2015 TEXSOM (Dallas Morning News) International Wine Competition

Silver Medal:  2010 Mid-Atlantic Southeastern Wine Competition