Petit Verdot

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Dry Red Wines


About This Wine


Our 2011 Petit Verdot features expressive aromas of cherry and raisin, influenced by notes of toast and smoke. The dried fruit character continues on the palate, bolstered by bright nuances of raspberry as well as a smooth acidity and firm tannic structure. Its long finish is reminiscent of blackberry, herbal tea, spices and subtle oak.

Tasting Attributes


Aroma: Currents, strawberries, pepper, herbs. Palate: Spicy, velvety tannins. Finish: Smooth, raspberry, raisin, oak.

Food and Wine Pairing


Pair with heavier red meats, such as steaks off the grill, a rack of lamb, or a filet mignon.

Aging Statement


This wine may age for 6 years or more. Aging is an imprecise art; excessive aging could lead to a negative effect. Ideally, try some every year and enjoy the wine’s journey. Keep at a uniform temperature - 55 degrees is best. It is perfectly normal for a well aged wine to develop minor sediment in the bottle and on the cork surface.


Gold Medal: 2014 East Meets West Competition (2011 Vintage)

Gold Medal: 2011 Virginia Wine Lover Wine Classic (2008 Vintage)

Gold Medal: 2010 Virginia Wine Lover Wine Classic Wine Competition (2008 Vintage)

Silver Medal: 2012 Virginia Wine Lover's Magazine Wine Classic (2008 Vintage)

Silver Medal: 2011 Indy International Wine Competition (2008 Vintage)

Silver Medal: 2011 NextGen Wine Competiton (2008 Vintage)

Silver Medal: 2010 Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition (2008 Vintage)

Bronze Medal: 2012 International Eastern Wine Competition (2008 Vintage)