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B.  Dry Red Sampler

B. Dry Red Sampler

Includes 4 Dry Red Wines:

Archival I
5 Red Grapes
The Black Dog

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Price $63.96  Sale Price $57.56
C.  Orchard Series Sampler

C. Orchard Series Sampler

Includes 4 Fruit Wines from Our Orchard Series Collection:

Sweet Mt. Apple
Farmhouse Red Sangria
Farmhouse White Sangria

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Price $39.96  Sale Price $35.96
D.  Sweet Red Sampler

D. Sweet Red Sampler

Includes 4 Sweet Red Wines:

Red Mt. Laurel
Blushing Dog
Red Muscadine
Heritage (Half Bottle - 375 mls)

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Price $43.96  Sale Price $39.56
E.  Sweet White Sampler

E. Sweet White Sampler

Includes 4 Sweet White Wines:

White Muscadine
Sweet Mt. Laurel
Our Dog Blue
Frosty Dog (Half Bottle - 375 mls)

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Price $43.96  Sale Price $39.56