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Harvest is a busy time at Chateau Morrisette

Virginia Wineries Harvest

Harvest is the first step of wine production, and begins simply, with picking the ripened grapes from the vine. The start of the harvest is up to the winemaker to decide, as grapes are tested for the appropriate level of sugar (or brix) and acid (TA or titratable acid) which factor into this initial step. In general, the grapes used in sparkling wine (chardonnay and pinot noir) are the first to be harvested, followed by white wine grapes, and then red. The grapes are harvested by a group of people trained to select clusters without rot, excess leaves, and have optimal ripeness. - Virginia Living Magazine

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In a 2013 article in the New York Times, it is revealed that, "In 1990, [Virginia] had fewer than 50 wineries.  Now it has 275, making Virginia the sixth-largest wine region in the country, according to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau."  Virginia Wineries have become an oneophile's paradise as well as a beacon for visitors to the Commonwealth.  So much so, the Virginia Wineries have banded together to create a number of Virginia Wine Trails for visitors to follow depending on where they are in the state.  Chateau Morrisette is a part of the Mountain Road Wine Experience, partnering with seven other Virginia Wineries in the area.  These Virginia Wineries include:

AmRhein's Wine Cellars
9243 Patterson Drive
Bent Mountain, Virginia
(540) 929-4632

Attimo Winery
4025 Childress Road
Christiansburg, Virginia
(540) 382-7619

Blacksnake Meadery
605 Buffalo Mountain Road
Dugspur, Virginia
(540) 834-6172

Chateau Morrisette Winery
287 Winery Road SW
Floyd, Virginia
(540) 593-2865

Foggy Ridge Cider
1328 Pineview Road
Dugspur, Virginia
(276) 398-2337

Stanburn Winery
158 Conner Drive
Stuart, Virginia 
(276) 694-7074

Villa Appalaccia Winery
752 Rock Castle Gorge
Floyd, Virginia
(540) 593-3100

The Mountain Road Wine Experience Website

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